About Us

Stirling Australia is a technologically-driven company, providing leading-edge products from an international production base, head-quartered in Australia.

Innovation, on-time & on-budget, are the three core principles which drive Stirling Australia to service the continuing demands of the emergency lighting market.

With over a decade of market design & production experience with Australia’s leading companies, the Stirling Australia executive team have the international expertise
to innovate products from ground-up specifications or bulk-supply of more standard products.

Our ‘can-do’ philosophy, emanates from our management team’s desire to exceed the standard-market response to emergency-lighting signage requirements.

Stream-lined designs capture the aesthetics required by today’s market, together with the quality & safety requirements which are fundamental in our continued production
supply process.

Our market-leading Elan – exit blade sign, Solo – emergency down light, and Delta – emergency exit sign (wall or ceiling mounting) have become part of the way-of-life in Australia’s
business and manufacturing industry.

This pre-eminence allows Stirling Australia to continue design and development of new products to meet and exceed the demands of the technological market.