Rod System

For a more substantial aesthetic use 6mm stainless steel rod. Rod components can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Subject to the ceiling fixing each vertical rod can support up to 200kg. Rod components can be used to suspend:
• Edgelit lightboxes
• Poster Signage
• Glass Shelving
• Brochure holders
• Real estate displays
• Directional signage
• Office divider panels

  • CS09

    Item No: SA-CS09 Rod support * fixed position * to hold 6mm rod * satin chrome

  • RG01-10

    Item No: SA-RG01-10 Vertical clmaps for 10mm rod * for panles up to 7mm thick * single * satin chrome finish

  • PR01-1

    Item No: SA-PR01-1 Top isolator for rods * white nylon

  • R1500-10

    Item No: SA-R1500-10 10mm threaded rod – both ends * right hand threaded * 1.5m mengths * stainless steel

  • REC-10

    Item No: SA-REC-10 * end cap for 10mm rod * satin chrome finish

  • RG11-10

    Item No: SA-RG11-10 Multi-position clamps for wide panels * single * for panels up to 7mm thick * top/bottom supports for panels wider than the distance between rods * adjustable to any angle * can be locked into position * satin chrome finish

  • RP

    Item No: SA-RP 6mm Rod ceiling fittings * push fit with grub screw * satin chrome finish

  • RS

    Item No: SA-RS 6mm Rod ceiling fitting * screw fit * use with threaded rod * satin chrome finish

  • RS01

    Item No: SA-RS01 Under-shelf support for 6mm rod * locates under shelf * shelf requires 10mm diameter hole * non-removable support * single * satin chrome finish

  • RS04

    Item No: SA-RS04 Supports-6mm rod * support for any item fitted with boss fitting P02 * double * satin chrome finish