Single sided

  • SA 28

    One of the thinnest profile edge lit light boxes on the market, aluminium base and sub frame with an acrylic sign face and LED lighting source. Slim in design, elegant in its appearance and practical for all indoor applications.

  • SA38

    Slim profile edge lit light box, aluminium frame and backing panel, acrylic sign face LED lighting source. Simple in design, yet robust and practical, designed for indoor applications or under awnings.

  • SA40

    Slimline lightbox with a 40mm border. Functional and easy to use with a Velcro sign face retention system. Suitable for indoor applications.

  • SA 44 FM

    A sturdy and durable display case suitable for indoor or under awning use, this lightbox is manufactured with a strong aluminium frame and back panel. Hinged and lockable the cam locks can be fitted on the face or the side of the lightbox with a Hi Impact acrylic sign face.

  • SA 44 RM

    A slim profile extrusion for semi outdoor position with the strength and integrity of its bigger cousins that are within the Stirling range of poster cases and lightboxes.